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Hízelgő (late harvest) 2017

Hízelgő (late harvest) 2017

Harsányi Pincészet
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Sweet (2017) 0,5 l

Vinyard specifications:

Slopes: Ciróka

Grape type: 100% Furmint

Aging: Stainless Steel (7 months)

Bottling date: May 2018


Alcohol content: 10%

Residual sugar: 123,5 g/l

Acid content: 7 g/l

Our late harvest furmint's fruityness, the playful mineral flavors of the Ciróka slope and the noble rot come together in perfect harmony in every drop of our Hízelgő. It's intense fragrance and sweet, long-lasting flavor is not unlike a premium dessert, so it's not a coincidence that it received gold medals in 2019's national wine competition, and 2020's Mondus Vini, a respected international competition.