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Hedonistic Home Office

Hedonistic Home Office

Harsányi Pincészet
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Contents of the package:

  • 2 bottles of Hízelgő 2018 (sweet, late harvest, furmint, 0,5l)
    - 25. Berliner Wein Trophy - Gold Medal - 2021
  • 2 bottles of Ciróka Furmint 2018 (dry, 0.75l)
    - 25. Berliner Wein Trophy - Gold Medal - 2021
  • 2 bottles of Huss! 2018 (dry, yellow muscat, 0.75l)

Pile up the pleasures with our Hedonist Home Office package!
The supporter of telework and the intoxicating minutes are the sweet trio of Hízlegő, Yellow Muscat and Ciróka Furmint.

The late-harvest furmint, intense aroma and long finish of its unparalleled taste of our Hízelgő wine compete with the pampering experience offered by a delicious dessert. The perfect harmony of fruity, kind playfulness and botrytis character can be felt in every drop. In 2019 he was awarded a gold medal at the National Wine Competition, as well as in 2020 at one of the most prestigious international wine competitions, the wine judges of Mondus Vini!

The scent of our Ciróka Furmint, named after the Cziróka vineyard in the heart of the estate, exudes the same kind of fruitiness year after year, which is guaranteed by almost the same amount of residual sugar as the acid this year as well. In taste, we are accompanied by fresh crispy fruit notes.

Huss! our wine is fresh, fruity, the aroma comes to life with elegance and lightness of white flowers. It tastes like freshly squeezed, juicy grape juice. Every sip is airy, but if we don’t take care, it gets drunk.