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Hercegnő (Late Harvest) 2019

Hercegnő (Late Harvest) 2019

Harsányi Pincészet
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Sweet (50cl)


Name of the vineyard:            Megyer,

Grape variety:                         100% Muscat Lunel

Maturation:                             6 months in steel tank

Bottling date:                           Aug 2019


Alcohol:              12.26 %

Sugar:                 75.3 g / l

Acidity:                5.7 g / l

2019 has real potential to be also deemed as an outstanding vintage with wines showing finesse and capability for aging. The growing season was consistent with little in the way of wild temperature swings, heavy rains or drought and the vast majority of the grapes were allowed to reach full phenolic ripeness.

It is infinitely fresh and charming, as it smells of blooming white flowers combined with intriguing mandarin and acacia. The finish is long and shows flavours of velvety honey and dried fruity finish.

It goes with matured cheese, but it is a must try with a traditional Hungarian Dobos cake!

  • 30th Mundus Vini Silver - 2022