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Királyhegy Furmint 2016

Királyhegy Furmint 2016

Harsányi Pincészet
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Dry (2016) 0.75 l


Name of the vineyard: Királyhegy
Grape variety:
100% Furmint
Maturation: oak barrels
Maturation length: 3 months
Bottling date: April 2017


Alcohol content: 10.5%
Residual sugar: 3.9 g / l
Acid content:
7.1 g / l

Color is light lime. Its scent enchants you. The smell of beautiful barrel spices and the salty air typical of the vineyard emerges from the glass. The taste accompanies us on the elegant salty, tight line we got from the scent. It has a fairly slender body, yet the taste stays in our mouths for a long time. Caution! The bottle empties very quickly.

The oldest and most patinated vineyard in Sárospatak is Királyhegy. The cool-eastern vineyard of the south-east is based on rhyolite tuff and clay, although andesite is also found in some places and is also very typical of volcanic areas. The wines of the vineyard are characterized by a tight acid character and a beautifully unfolding, extremely rich minerality. Furmint and Sárgamuskotály are located in the area, on 20 - 30 year old richly growing capitals.