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Megyer furmint 2016

Megyer furmint 2016

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Dry (75cl)


Name of the vineyard:            Megyer

Grape variety:                         100% Furmint

Maturation:                             3 mounths in oak barrels

Bottling date:                          April 2017


Alcohol content:              11.5%

Residual sugar:                5.2 g / l

Acid content:                    6.1 g / l

The sap of our grapes grown on the slopes of our Megyer vineyard now invites you to taste it. Its color is light straw yellow. Its aroma is dominated by salty honey and elegant barrel spices. Tasted intensely fruity and velvety creamy, it perfectly shows the volcanic character of the vineyard.

The history of the Megyer vineyard or vineyard in Sárospatak dates back to the Middle Ages. Its name is most likely related to the conquering Hungarian Megyer tribe. The south-western, steeply sloping vineyard is characterized by a very varied soil structure and colorful composition. There is a large amount of clay as well as fine-grained kaolin, the appearance of which results in a porous, looser structure on stony soils. The wines of the vineyard are full-bodied and full-bodied, creamy. On the 20-30 year old capitals it is a furmint and linden leaf room.