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Harsányi Pincészet
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Contents of the package:

  • 1 bottle of Hoppá! 2017 (dry, furmint, 0.75l)
  • 1 bottle of Hízelgő 2018 (sweet, late harvest, furmint, 0,5l)
    - 25th Berliner Wein Trophy - Gold Medal - 2021
  • 1 bottle of Ciróka Furmint 2018 (dry, 0.75l)
    - 25th Berliner Wein Trophy - Gold Medal - 2021
  • 1 bottle of Megyer Furmint 2016 (dry, 0.75l)
  • 1 bottle of Királyhegy Furmint 2016 (dry, 0.75l)
  • 1 bottle of Birtok Furmint 2016 (dry, 0.75l)

We wanted to please our furmint lovers with our package.

We present the diversity and variety of grape varieties typical of the Tokaj wine region!

Hoppá! Furmint, like you've never loved it before. Fresh, fruity, mischievous.

Birtok Furmint shows the usual neutrality from our wines, with fine flint and minimal green spices. Its taste is characterized by exploding freshness, which is ensured by a good acid supply. Green apples and citrus dominate the aroma.

We also brought two wines from the heart of the landscape, the Cziróka vineyard, the Hízelgő late-harvested furmint, the fruity, kind playfulness and the perfect harmony of the botrytis character can be felt in each drop. It was awarded a gold medal at the 25th Berliner Wein Trophy in 2021 for its intense aroma and unparalleled taste.

The color of our Ciróka furmint is quite pale yellow. Its scent exudes the same lovely fruitiness year after year, which we fooled with a slightly more pronounced barrel seasoning this vintage. In taste, we are accompanied by the perfect harmony of fresh crispy fruit notes, tight acids, and a little residual sugar.

Megyer Furmint and Királyhegy Furmint come from our other vineyards.

The scent of the "Pearl of Megyer Mountain" is dominated by salty honey and elegant barrel spices. Tasted intensely fruity and velvety creamy, it perfectly shows the volcanic character of the vineyard.

The oldest and most patinated vineyard in Sárospatak is Királyhegy, which has been recorded since 1338. In the wines made here we can feel the real historical past, and some gourmet flavor from rhyolite tuff rock. Its sophisticated scent shows fresh quince and minerality. The cool character of the vineyard lends a firm hold to the wine, characterized by a good acid structure and complexity.