Harsányi Pincészet
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Our light, refreshing yellow muscat is Huss!, our wild and sexy furmint is Hoppá! and the Meringue will be the soul of the gathering!

2 bottles of Hoppá! 2018 (dry, 70% furmint, 0.75)

2 bottles of Huss! 2019 (dry, yellow muscat, 0.75)

2 bottles of Habcsók 2020 (foaming, furmint and yellow muscat, 0.75l)

Furmint, like you've never loved it before. Fresh, fruity, mischievous.

The aroma of our estate wine shows the usual neutrality from our wines, with fine flint and minimal green spices. Its taste is characterized by explosive freshness, which is ensured by a good acid supply. Green apples and citrus dominate the aroma.

The light, cheerful face of Tokaj-Hegyalja. Fruity, loose, mischievous, with an infinitely long finish. Thanks to its vibrating acids, it can be an excellent choice even on a hot summer day, even as a splash, but it shows its most beautiful side in itself!

A silky touch of a fresh summer breeze. It attracts you every night. Muscat like you've never loved before.

This light, fruity, but at the same time meaningful summer sparkling wine was born from the marriage of Furmint and Sárgamuskotály. Pears, succulent white meat autumn, a hint of minerality and sophisticated bubbles make it an essential accessory for any garden party!

Immerse yourself in the foams and enjoy the moment. Just you and the bubbles. This evening is yours!